I’ve been thinking a lot lately about change. Change of season. Change of address. Lifestyle changes. Age-related changes. Life-altering changes. So many times, change is seen as a bad thing, a really super scary event that most people fear. Well, because we’re basically creatures of habit and we don’t especially like it when our boats are rocked, turning our neatly-packaged, hospital corners world upside-down. Give us the familiar and we feel safe – even if “normal” is below average or unhealthy, destructive. Still, we need to feel secure.

Predictable is good, right? Or is it?

Are we laboring under a false pretense that is merely an illusion we create to convince ourselves that we need things to be just-so, in complete and total regimented order in order for us to successfully exist? Man, I’m getting deep here. I didn’t mean to, honestly, so if I seem pensive and edging towards sadness to you, dear reader, you would only be slightly correct. You see, there are people I care about and love who are going through immense changes right now. The life-altering, rug-pulled-out-from-under-you kind. Some good. Some not so good. And knowing me the way you must by now, standing by and watching people in pain and feeling helpless to do anything about their heartbreak other than offering my unwavering support and passing on the occasional word of (fingers-crossed) wisdom, I slipped up yesterday and wept. Big time. I wept for their hurt, the almost unbearable pained look on their faces, their frustration, their loneliness, their pending question marks. Then I stopped. Just like that. The internal faucet shut off the waterworks and I dabbed at my swollen eyes, took a deep, cleansing breath and let it out with great intent.

There. I. Was. Done. 

I walked to our wall of windows and studied our waterfall. After the barrage of daily intense severe weather and the deluge of rainmakers that has plagued us for weeks now, the waterfall was thunderous, burgeoning at its banks with intimidating force…very much like Niagara Falls. A living allegory of emotions running amok. But soon, I thought, maybe in four to six hours, the torrent will subside and the waterfall will return to its peaceful, tranquil-flowing meandering state, as if nothing had happened. I marveled at its constant state of evolution according to whatever impacts it. Its enviable adaptation for change. A smile slowly broke across my face, I nodded thinking, “Moving water never stagnates.”
 Someone once said that the only constant thing in life is change and it’s true. True and wise. Change is how we grow. How we learn. How we get better, stronger. We all need to stretch out of our comfort zone if we want to make the magic happen, which is why we have this poster on our studio wall. It’s inspiration served up daily.

Dear God, why should any of us settle? For anything? Why would you accept “good enough” when there is great in your future? Life is too short for mediocrity. We should always try to reach higher. Dream bigger. Picture it. Envision it. Really go for it. Challenge your way of thinking. Be proactive in your life. Don’t accept a “C” when you deserve an “A.” Call me Pollyanna, but I believe change is a good thing – obviously since Picture-Perfect Meals is about Changing the Way You Look at Food. But I’m also talking about the changes that we, as individuals, should embrace. Never stop striving. Never stop changing.

Life is a schoolroom and we are all students. Personally, I plan to never stop learning. Join me?

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