Readers who have been following Picture-Perfect Meals for a while know that I have an unnatural obsession with all things tiny and in miniature form. So, when I saw Lincoln for the first time on a friend’s Facebook page, I was beyond smitten with this little piggy. Every photo and video of Lincoln made me squeal with delight, so Adam insisted I do a post. And, so I did!

So, without further ado, I give you Lincoln The Mini Pig!

CB: Lincoln, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with me and chat! Let’s start with your name. It’s so noble! Is it a nod to our sixteenth president?

L: While I do come off as very presidential, I am actually named after my papa’s grandfather – we even share the same birthday!

CB: Aw! How sweet! Lincoln, I’ve read before that pigs can be “challenging” pets to own, but I think that’s a bunch of hogwash. Can you tell us a few things for those who would consider adopting a mini pig in their family?

L: As you may know, we pigs are very smart. We like to be stimulated intellectually by being exposed to new places or learning tricks. We are also social by nature and like to interact with other animals or people. In absence of either of these things, we can get bored and then become a handful by misbehaving.

CB: I totally get that – I, too, can get into trouble when I’m bored out of my gourd. Let’s talk some more about your being social…I’m so completely jealous. I know that you are best buds with Pudge and Lucy. I would get a little Lincoln of my own in a New York minute, but my dogs would not be as accommodating because they’re selfish. Is it common for pigs and dogs to get along so famously?

L: Yes, I do like Pudge and Lucy. I hope when I grow up I can be as calm and wise as Pudge. I am usually pretty nervous around dogs I am unfamiliar with. Us pigs do have a way to bring out the aggressive side of some dogs, being that we are a natural prey animal.

CB: You’re a teacup pig, right? Details, please (like will you always be so small? Do you wag your tail when you’re happy?).

Lincoln the Mini-Pig
Lincoln the Mini-Pig

L: Yes, generically I am known as a teacup pig. You may have seen the adorable photos of us when first born where we fit inside of a teacup and that is how we got our name. We can be thought of as the next generation of pot belly pigs, where we are bread to be even smaller. There is some controversy and misinformation about us online and there are no clear breed standards for mini pigs yet. I suggest finding a breeder you like and trust and be sure to visit with the parents for a gage of how big your pig will get. My parents are around 30 pounds fully grown. Yes, I do wag my tail when happy…who doesn’t?

CB: Ha ha! How right you are, Lincoln! Okay, describe for us a typical day in the life of Lincoln.

L: Well, after I get up and have breakfast, I might lay around in front of the fireplace and listen to NPR. The best days are when I can go to work with Papa at the farm. There, I clean out any dust bunnies under people’s desks with my nose, beg for treats from coworkers, spend some time with the goats or chickens and let a number of the other staff remark about how cute I am.

CB: Do you have a favorite snack?

L: As a pig, I am not that picky when it comes to snacks, but I do like winter squash, broccoli and grapes.

CB: I love grapes, too, Lincoln. But I usually take mine pressed and fermented…served in a wine glass. What is your beverage of choice?

L: Fresh, clean and cool water is what’s best for me.

CB: Right…for me, too. Hey! When it comes to grocery shopping, does this little piggy go to market or do you usually stay home?

L: How clever. You could only imagine the scene I may cause in the store, so I usually stay home.

CB: Okay. I have to know. Mud. Are you a regular roller or do you eschew this swinish behavior?

L: Well, I was born in October so have not had much opportunity for mud baths yet. Once summer rolls around, it is a great way for us to stay cool.

CB: I’ve heard that. Might have to try that myself sometime. This may seem, um, a little personal, but when you – you know – gotta “go,” are you an indoor kind of piglet or do you prefer the great outdoors?

L: I do have a litter box inside that I will use, but my preference is to go in the great outdoors.

CB: You boys have that luxury. [Sigh.] Oh, my goodness! I saw a photo of you with headphones on propped up on a kitchen stool listening to music. What’s your favorite genre – Rock ‘n Roll? Hip-Hop? Country? Jazz? Classical?

Lincoln the Mini-Pig
Lincoln the Mini-Pig

L: I am actually a big bluegrass fan and I would probably go on tour with the Grateful Dead if Jerry was still alive.

CB: I adore all the photos Jessica took of you. You are such a ham! Oops! Well, I mean you were really hamming it up on camera. Gosh, I’m sorry Lincoln. Ahem. How was it to work with such a great photographer like Jessica?

L: What do you call a pig thief? A hamburglar! Jessica is fabulous to work with. She really took the time to make sure I warmed up to her before we got started and she really has a way with animals. I would definitely recommend her!

CB: Being married to a photographer myself, I know when someone is a “natural” in front of the camera. And you are certainly photogenic, Lincoln! Have you given any thought to modeling?

L: I really liked how the images came out and agree that I should consider this as a future career path. Plus, it might help me meet some ladies…

CB: Perhaps you prefer acting. I know, I know. It’s been done before, but seriously, you are SOME PIG! And what a glamorous way to bring home the bacon. Dang it! I did it again! How insensitive of me! Would you ever consider Hollywood if the siren called?

L: Ya, I have thought about it a little bit, especially given the success that Geico pig has been having. I find him to be a little pretentious but glad for his success nonetheless.

CB: I have heard from good sources that both Wilbur and Babe were total divas during filming, always late for shoots and incredibly demanding. (It’s rumored that Wilbur insisted he was bathed in mineral water daily.) What requirements, if not met, would make you walk off set on your feature film?

L: Hey, we all have our diva side. Have you meet Miss Piggy? I would require the set to be warm – I dislike being cold, perhaps a lap that I could cuddle up in during breaks, and treats. Treats never hurt.

CB: Indeed! Lincoln, you can sit! You can bowl! What other hidden talents do you have that you’d like to share?

L: I am working on shaking but don’t really get the point. I can go upstairs, but not a big fan of going down them. I can jump up on the couch. I am thinking about taking up juggling next.

CB: That, I’d like to see! You certainly seem to have a wonderful home, family, friends, and now…fans! Look at you living so high on the hog! Oh, my. That one just slipped right on out, didn’t it? I think I’d better stop now. Any other final thoughts you’d like to tell all your new, adoring fans?

L: Yes, I think you better stop as well. Thanks for your interest in me and sharing me with your audience. It is an honor bringing joy to all of my fans.

Lincoln the Mini-Pig
Lincoln the Mini-Pig

Thanks again to Lincoln’s papa and Jessica Walsh Photography! And a special thank you to Donna for introducing me to this amazing animal. But my biggest squeeze and belly rub goes to Lincoln himself and all his awesomeness for sharing his lovely story with the world.

Please stop by Lincoln’s Facebook page (make sure you “like” him!). Tell him I sent you!

Become a fan of Jessica’s incredible pet photography, too!

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